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Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Lovely – the town bird !!! I can’t express how happy and excited I am to start my own blog about beauty, travel, and Lifestyle. So, before starting a fresh post regarding a fashion topic, I thought it'd be fun (and polite) to give you all a brief introduction about me through some facts!   

I know I am not actually a “colorful birdie” as when I was 6+ years ago I was avid over the dresser, substitutes junk for my food addiction and rarely will be seen with wearing some sort of heel. I have a full-time job and it’s the schedule I have learned to cope with because life can get very busy with essentially two jobs. I find blogging my lifeline after the hectic schedule of my Job. Awwwwww

I believe there is no right or wrong fashion the only thing required is to tweak trend and find the best one for us to look good. Being in the fashion industry I can give you tips on Fashion, Beauty, Food & Lifestyle. However, we can discuss awesome hairstyles, makeover or beauty products in the market. Shopping in markets or individual boutiques makes me happier than big mainstream stores sometimes. Fashion is seen just about everywhere- on the streets, in people, in designs- so why not share my muses and inspirations with the community. All my posts will be achievable and nothing unattainable since I am a birdie who collects the lifestyle secrets from the sky of the fashion industry and build my nest (blog).

I’ve met so many people so far on my blogging journey and I am blessed every day by the community of bloggers that have welcomed me as their own. I find it very stupid to get introduced as a new fashion blogger in town. I hope this thinking will also change eventually. In my Job, I get to meet so many lovely faces every day and I wanted to get a chance to formally “meet” you!

Please drop me a line at 
thetownbird@gmail.com that what you feel about my blog. I would love to know more about you during my journey of winning your heart or if you want to have a guest post I will be really happy to introduce you to the blog readers. This blog is my expression. Hope you will like it. 

Looking forward to starting the journey! Ta-ta for now!


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