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            Country - India

                        State - Himachal

                        District - Kullu

                        Max Elevation - 4,220 meters (13,850 Feet)

                        Difficulty - Easy to moderate

                        Best time to visit – May, June, July and October.

                        Base - Kasol

                        Languages -

1.   Official - Hindi

2.   Regional - Kulvi

The tracks start from the place called Kasol. In local language, Sar means a lake. It is located in Parvati Valley of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh. We encountered this lake while crossing the Pathfrom Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge. It is basically a small lake which usually remains frozen. It is an outstanding and a great trek for beginners.

What makes this trek a perfect trekking destination for inexperienced and beginners is the potential to provide an amazing kind of environment. The kind of experience, kind of adventure, kind of memories it has could provide to the trekkers is almost unbelievable. And guess what you are getting all these without any prior experience or knowledge.

This trek offers a good amount of diversity of experiences for the trekkers. On this trek you will pass through extraordinary terrain. Forest, meadows, quaint villages, snow-covered mountains. And above all there is a lot more to explore.


How to reach -

                        Railways - Nearest railway station to kasol is kiratpur railway station. It is around 215 kms far from the base camp.

                        Road - If you are choosing a road as your means of transport then there are several bus services available from Delhi and Chandigarh to bhuntar. Bhunatar is just 28 kms from the kasol. Then there are many public vehicles available from the Kasol village.

                        AIRPORT- the nearest available airport is also located in bhuntar, which is around 52 kms far away from manali. Taxi services are also easily and widely available from bhuntar to manali. And it costs approximately in between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000. The good thing is that the air means connects Bhuntar to Delhi very well. But the only problem one might face while opting for this option is the cancellation the of the flights. It’s quite common because of the sudden change in the weather of this place and we might have to face some inconvenience.

Sar pass trek is around 13,700 ft. above sea level, and is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is nothing less than a wonderland and a dream destination for many trekkers and all thanks to the beauty of this sar pass trek. On your way you will enjoy a medley of thick and dense forests, and some streams. First stop to the destination will be kasol, which is also the base village for the trek. Kasol is the start and ending point of the trek.


Trek Itinerary

                        1st Day - Reach Kasol and trek to Grahan village ( 4-5 hours)

You will be Starting the trek from Kasol and to the Grahan nalah. This trail is comparatively easy and is generally used by locals of the village people.

On the Trek you will go through lovely pine forests.

This is a distance that can be covered easily without much effort in just a small span of time.

After reaching Grahan nalah, the further trail becomes rocky and we will have to climb uphill, which just right away from the bank of the river,  Buras (Rhododendrons) grow in the forest.

The great things about Rhododendron is that Rhododendron petals can be eaten whole and its syrup can be mixed with water which  makes a refreshing drink.

After finishing a steep climb for around an hour, we will reach the village of Grahan, which is situated at the top.

Overnight stay is generally in the tents at Grahan.


                        2nd Day - Grahan to Mung Thach ( 4-5 hours)

Now, we will be Climbing towards the north of the camping ground at Grahan. Villagers could be seen using this path frequently for Min Thach.

After walking more for some time, you will witness the Min Thach, Nagaru, and the Sar Top on the mountain to the right.

This is the Trek which leads through the steeper path which takes us into the woods.

The slope becomes much more steeper and the path becomes a little confusing in some of the places.

Finally, after crossing the forest we would arrive in Min Thach.

Chandrakhani stretch and some other ranges are easily and clearly visible from this point.

Overnight at Min Thach.

                        3rd Day - Mung Thach to Nagaru (4-6 hours)

The Trek passing from Min Thach to Nagaru also passes through the dense woods. It is one of the most difficult parts of the trek, the slope falls quite steeply to the valley below and the snow present there could also be a little bit slippery.

Once, we cross the steep slope, and walk for a couple of more hours, we would reach Nagaru campsite.

This campsite is Facing north, from here you can see magnificent mountains and other beautiful scenery across the Parvati valley, from this point the town of Manikaran will also be visible.

This is the day we would have to Sleep early, in order to avoid the cold and get ready for the next day as it involves and requires an early start.

                        4th Day - Nagaru to Biskeri Thach via Sar Pass ( 6-8 hours)

We will be making an early start today, so as to climb the steep and climb through the snow.

This is a great point of extraction because Sar pass and the elevated peaks of the Tosh valley will be visible from here. And the view will be worth your efforts and it will definitely provide a beautiful memory of the trek.

Finally, Reach the top and enjoy the stunning view, a view never seen before but only dreamt till now. After this comes the most enjoyable part, that is the slide. It is the most fun and completely harmless as long as some precautions are taken.

This slide will take us as far as one kilometer to a gentler slope of the valley.

Then, Arriving at the Valley, after walking for about an hour at the campsite of Biskeri Thach, which will reached only after crossing a few beautiful streams.

Stay Overnight at Biskeri Thach.

                        5th Day - Biskeri Thach to Barshaini and drive back to Kasol base camp ( 4-5 hours).

 Departure from Kasol.

You will be enjoying the sublime view of the pine forests, the majestic mountains and the lovely grasslands in Biskeri.

From Biskeri, we could hike down across a steep plot of land with fencing all around.

After crossing the dense forest cross a stream, with a campsite across.

The path to the village of Pulga goes to the left of the campsite. The twin villages of Pulga and Tulga are separated by a river.

From Tulga, an old bridge has to be crossed on the river Parvati, so to reach the village of Barshaini.

And then, the Jeep ride to Kasol base camp.


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