Choosing a Perfume for Winter 2020


The year 2020 has been a tumultuous time. Many of us have been thrown out of our regular lives and  have been forced to adjust to life with Covid restrictions. Now with the winter approaching, it is quite possible that you are looking to add some fragrance to your life by choosing some appealing perfumes and antiperspirant. Here are some tips that you can follow to choose a great fragrance

1. Choose a heavier scent than you typically do in summer

Owing to the dryness of your skins, fragrances typically tend to fade quicker in winters than in summers. Opting for a heavier fragrance may help keep feeling fresh for a long time

2. For antiperspirants, try to opt for a non alcohol deodorant.  Rose scented deodrants would be a great draw as would be ones with sandal wood scents. Also try to opt for long lasting scents which will linger on longer in winters.


 3. In case of perfumes Spicy scents may be an attractive option. Their entralling fragnances are likely to make you feel energetic and brighten up your dull moments. 

 4. Make your own individual statement - It is quite possible you like a scent which is unique and appeals to your mood. Do not shy away from testing new scents and try to go with your gut feeling if you believe a scent suits your individuality.

5. Perfumes which start strongly and then fade away would be perfect from special occasions in winter. You start the evening on a strong note but slowly windup with a subtle scent! 

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