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Biotique Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil For Falling Hair Review


Tired of looking at your comb covered in dozens of hair every morning in this monsoon season? Have you started getting nightmares of hair fall?
Well then don’t worry; today I am going to share a hair secret with you that will give glossy strong hair. You no longer have to fantasize about Rapunzel as Biotique Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil will help you in making your hair longer and stronger. This oil is made from natural products that will also help in releasing stress and tension with regular use. 

Product Description
Biotique Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil is designed with a tested formula that ensures to put a pause on your continuous hair fall. The oil comprises of natural ingredients like Butea frondosa, Amla, Centella, and Bhringraj blended with the richness of coconut oil that promotes hair growth and strength while reducing hair loss. This oil also has a high dose of goat milk that helps in treating alopecia and other hair fall causes.

My Experience
I started using Biotique Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil, this year in June, and I must say the oil is definitely helping me in making my hair long and shiny. My hair has grown at least one inch since I started using it. Although the products promise to tackle the hair fall, I haven’t seen any major reduction in my hair fall. But since the weather is also changing which often promotes hair falling in my hair. So I am not sure whether it’s working on my hair or not. But I do feel relaxed and light after applying it, so despite the speed bumpers I have already become its fan.

        Affordable Price
•        Light fragrance
•        Relieves stress
•        Good For Massage
•        Make hair smooth and shiny

•       Too Sticky
•        People with Dry Scalp might feel a little sensation during the application


I will give this hair oil 4 out of 5 stars, as Biotique Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil has definitely helped in making my hair shinier and longer, but if I talk about hair fall the results are not very evident. But this is definitely great oil for hair massage, which is probably going to be the reason, why I would buy it again.

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