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Khadi Natural Satritha Herbal Shampoo


Hi loves,

Being a girl we all know that monsoon and hair have a love hate relationship. This weather hair absorbs hydrogen more, swell and form bonds making them all frizzy. Since the rain is hair and the humidity can be a dampener to your hair. So, girls be careful with the hair care products you gonna use this season.

But the best part is its “Monsoon Girls”!

So today on such a lovely rainful day I am here with the review of a product Khadi Natural Satritha Herbal Shampoo.

This Shampoo is made from natural Satritha and Amla essence which is known for nourishing and strengthens hair roots. Its Reetha components boost hair growth while enhancing the quality of your hair.

I discovered Khadi Natural Satritha Shampoo last year. This way recommended to me by one of my friends in my yoga group. Well, our group is kind of popular for trying out new natural herbal products. And this shampoo was a discovery made by one of our fellow yoga gang members. Ever since I can remember, I had trouble with hair fall during weather change and its way this year Holi, when we organized a pool party, when I felt the severity of my hair fall condition. I was shocked by the look of the pool which was covered with long hairs. Hair fall is a very common problem amongst girls. This started the topic of hair fall, and one of the girls recommended using this shampoo. So a few months back I thought to try it once.

About the product

It is a light brown colored shampoo, with a thin and running liquid solution. The packaging of this shampoo isn’t very appealing, and it looks like hair oil rather than a shampoo from far.

Key Ingredients:
Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, Neem, Methi, Jatamansi, Base Q.S
The shampoo produces very less lather and thus does not cleanse the hair effectively. The product claims to be suitable for all types of hair. It has the goodness of Satritha and Amla. Its smell is nice and stays there for some time. And the best thing is that it is an herbal product.

However, the product will leave your hair dry and frizzy. I tried the product thrice and every time I got the same result. I did not feel any hair fall though. I have stopped using this and don’t think would use it again.
·       This shampoo is made with all the natural ingredients, which makes it safe for all skin types.
·       The natural qualities of Satritha, nourishes your hair from within while keeping in strong and healthy.
·       Satritha is a natural hair color ingredient which keeps your hair from turning gray.
·       Unlike others natural products in the market, this shampoo has a soothing, mild fragrance.

·       It takes a lot of shampoo to make it lather properly in your hair.
·       It can make your hair really dry and frizzy, making it a bad choice for people with curly hair.
·       It doesn’t help in getting rid of dandruff.
·       It doesn’t have a strong smell, but its herbal smell might take a while to getting used to.

Final Words
I will give this shampoo 2 stars out of 5, as it does really help in hair fall situation. But it can dry off your hair, making them appear like a wig. You can use this shampoo after an oil massage, but avoid using it directly on your head if you have dry hair. Especially in monsoon must avoid using this shampoo.

Hope This Review will be helpful for you all….
Share your experience and stay beautiful

                                            Love you all

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  1. Never tried this one , Although Khadi Products are good , it's sad that this one is not great , Thanks for the Honest Review .

  2. love the detailed review...but only active ingredients...😯

  3. I knew Khadi products are good but sad to know that it didn't work for you! I will skip this as I don't like shampoos which are drying in nature :( Nice detailed review dear <3



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