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VLCC 3D Waist and Tummy Tuck Program Review


Who doesn’t like to stay fit without following a regular diet or a gym routine? We all want to look at ourselves in the mirror and see a slim fit figure.

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But when it comes to exercise or adapting a healthier lifestyle we all want to run in the other direction. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion which can help us stay young and fit forever.

If only we all could maintain figures like Disney princesses, wearing gowns and corsets, and looking awesome 24*7, going through our daily routine.

No matter how beautiful or intelligent we are, society always judges us by our weight. This can depress many while it can also act as a motivator for some, who feel triggered to lose weight and look better for them. I preach fitness health cause; obesity will just make you lazy and sick. However, I also ask you all to love yourselves and feel confident in your own skin.

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I have been seeing VLCC Tummy Tuck advertisements on their brand hoardings ever since I can remember. They have been providing this service for the time now, which makes them reliable as well as experienced to tackle any case. 

My Experience

We all want to change something about our body, I would definitely like to reduce a few inches of my thighs but, usually, if I head to a gym, I start to lose weight in every region of my body, which is not my motto. I have a petite figure which is just heavy around my thigh, and joining a gym just makes me thinner. So, I thought about giving VLCC 3D Waist and Tummy Tuck Program a try.

When I visited the VLCC New Friends Colony outlet the slimming head told me that the therapy goes with 4 step process.
    1.    Ultrasound        
    2.    Putting up some Sculpt Activator Gel
    3.    Wrapping up contouring wrap

    4.    Application of daily fat burn and firming gel

It took me like 2 hours to undergo with the session. It was so easy and relaxing that I felt like to sleep like a baby. The place was so calm and the staff was too cooperative.

I just lie down for hours and the staff did all the necessary stuff for me.  I was asked that I can reduce 500 grams for a single session without even exercise.

And it worked miracles for me. With only I session I reduced around 500 grams and that without any side effect. I have attended few sessions to reduce the belly fat from my body.

Today I am in love with my body, and nothing can make me conscious. I can literally wear anything without thinking and look good in it.
This is a great program if want instant results in a particular area. Just a couple of hours and you will step out of their clinic, feeling and looking sexier than before.

Thanks to modern day technology served by these beauty brands like VLCC we can imagine getting slim without much effort. It is a great technique to get rid of fat on your hips thighs and abdomen. You will transform your cellulitis into a smooth soft skin, within one session.
Losing weight was never this simple, just attend their sessions and you can reduce up to more than 500 pounds.

Hope this article will be informative.


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  1. It looks very easy to go procedure and that without exercise. Nice

  2. Hi, is this procedure safe. Can you tell me where I can get to know more about this.

    1. The procedure is very much safe and comfortable. To know more about it you can reach out to a nearest VLCC center and consult to their slimming expert

  3. Does the therapy has any side effects like swelling, redness, itching or any other?

    1. No side effects, It is absolutely safe and comfortable

  4. I am thinking to give it a try. Lol

  5. How much a single session cost?

    1. For that please contact the nearest VLCC center, They will evaluate your BMI and other details and then tell you the cost

  6. This seems like a simple process, i might consider giving it a shot.

  7. No side effects, it feels good.....



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