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Soapex Anti Acne Soap Review


Hello Girls!

How you doing? Since it’s weekend I decided to spend some time with my blog. I have so many products lined for review such that I am confused which product I should take first. So I have decided to use my favourite game to crack this – Tipi Tipi Tap which product you want…..Lol!

I stopped at Sopex.

Soapex is a bathing bar manufactured by Galderma India Pvt. Ltd. This soap promises of gently cleanse and clean your skin, while keeping it healthy and clear. This is basically an antibacterial soap, which fights against all types of skin infections. Its medical components make it suitable for all skin types. 

Product Details
Soapex Classic is a white colored soap, which lathers well. Just replace this soap with your regular soap and say goodbye to all your skin problems. Just gently lather this soap in circular motions for a couple of minutes gently, to get clear acne free skin.

My Experience
I started using Soapex antibacterial bar, four months ago. This soap was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. I had been struggling with minute acne and pimples for an over a year at that time. I was really frustrated and I also started struggling to look at my reflection. But then I started using this soap and I was able to see evident results in a week. And thankfully I have clear soft skin. The best part about the product is that doesn’t dry of your skin, it rather helps balance the oil in your skin. 

·       This antibacterial bar prevents pimple growth.
·       It is suitable for all skin types.
·       It also cleanses all the dirt and pollution from your skin, keeping fresh and clear.
·       It balances the oil in your skin, while keeping your pores hydrated.
·       It is really beneficial form acne, and can completely remove then in a few weeks of regular use.
·       This soap can be used as a regular soap.
·       It has a pleasant soothing smell.

·       It is a little pricy for some
·       Being a medical soap, it consists of chemical which might not sensitive or dry skin type. So, ensure to test it somewhere else on your skin, before applying it on your face.

All and all this is a perfect soap for people struggling with any form of skin infection. I will give this bar a good 4 stars out of 5. It perfectly lathers on your skin, removing all the bacteria and germs from your pores. However, it is a little expensive which is worth the price as it helps in fighting against your skin problem. I highly recommend this soap to everyone who is struggling to get a clear skin.”  

Hope you find this review helpful

See you in my next post

Till Then Take Care

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  1. This soap is going to help those with pimples. Good that you shared about this product.

  2. It seems pretty good! Medicated skincare products contain a lot of chemicals which I don't like but they are very effective too :) Nice review <3

  3. Happy to know that it worked out on you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have acne prone skin. If it's available over the counter, then I might try it out!



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