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Navratna Hair Oil Review


Hello Loves!

I’m back with another review. Today it is Navratna Hair Oil.
Due to a regular travelling job my hair and scalp became so much dry. For some time I am regularly using curd and lemon to wash my hair. Recently during our visit for weekend grocery shopping my husband put the Navratna Hair Oil to our basket. He uses this oil very often and is pretty happy with its performance so I decided to use it once. Here is the review of the product "Navratna Hair Oil".


Navratna is an ayurvedic hair oil, which nourishes your hair, while leaving it with a cooling essence. This is very popular hair massage oil in the country, which is used as a stress reliever.


Just like the products tag line ‘Thanda Thanda Cool Cool’, you will feel a refreshed coolness on your head, which will remove all your physical and mental stress.

Product Description
This product is faded transparent oil, which perfectly absorbs in your skin because of its texture. The nozzle keeps the usage of the product to a minimum reducing wastage. It comprises of natural ailments which can help in relaxing and nourishing your hair roots. This oil also works great at fighting frizz and roughness in your hair, so you can look like the amazing diva that you are.


My Experience
I personally love this oil, I was introduced to Navratna, and a couple years back by my granny during my summer vacation. Just like any grandma, mine was also obsessed with my hair and loved to massage and create new hairstyles on them. The fragrance of this oil, bring back all my childhood memories. I can still recall when my granny first used it on me, the cooling sensation felt ticklish on my head; I kept laughing and forcing her to apply more.

The oil is very light on my scalp.   


·       It helps in relieving stress and tension
·       It all helps people with regular headache.
·       Its regular use can effectively help your sleeplessness.
·       The ingredients in this oil, leaves your hair a cooling essence.
·       It is non sticky which makes it easy to use.
·       It is made from natural ingredients, which make it suitable for all skin types.
·       It is set at a nominal price, which makes it affordable.


·       It has a very strong smell; you can’t wear it in the day time.
·       The cooling feature that is the main USP of this oil might not be preferred by everyone.

I will give this product 4 out of 5 stars. This is definitely great massaging oil. I also use it for my body pain, and it sure provides me relief. This product is a great headache reliever unless; you are not sensitive to strong fragrances. I also avoid using it the daytime, as some of my friends have complained about its smell in the past. šŸ˜„šŸ˜„.
Finally, I would say that if you are into the habit of oiling your hair without shampooing it off, then for some time, you can use this oil as it will not weigh down your hair as other heavy oils like coconut oil.

Hope you have enjoyed this.

Stay Tuned and Have a Good Day! šŸ˜„


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  1. This sounds and looks great! :)


  2. My mom uses this brand's red oil for headache. And I agree it has a very strong smell

  3. I remember using this hair oil (back in those days) šŸ˜€ the red packaging one šŸ˜ thanda thanda cool cool! šŸ˜

  4. This sounds great. I wish the fragrance was not too strong.
    Ash | www.mstantrum.com

  5. I love the cooling sensation of this oil too :)



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