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Fairy Tale Wedding of An Acid Attack Survivor Who Found Her True Love In A Wrong Number


Lalita Banbansi, a 26-year-old, women, who was ready to tie the knot in 2012. But, unfortunately, her face was burnt in an acid attack, which was led by her cousins, because of some personal enmity within the family. This led her fiancĂ© to call off the wedding. The attack was really intense, which forced her to spend the next five years going under more than 17 surgeries in Mumbai. 

Lalita ben Bansi, wedding, acid attack, mumbai

She had lost all her hopes in love, but the Lord had a beautiful love story planned for her. One day, she found her soul mate through a wrong number call. One thing led to another and Rahul Kumar and Lalita fell in love with each other’s voices and soul, becoming an important part of each other’s life. The couple is so much in love and has tied the knot last month on 24 May.


During a conversation with CCTV operator, Rahul shared what made him fall in love with Lalita. He talked about her heart and proved that loves is more than just superficial beauty and materialism. Even Rahul’s family supported their marriage. Rahul is sure glad that he made that wrong call, as it brought him right in front of his love and completely changed his life.

Everyone helped and cherished this moment for Lalita. Saahas Foundation, NGO also stepped up and helped finance the wedding for Lalita. Her wedding necklace and attire was gifted by designer Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani. Actor Vivek Oberoi has also gifted the happy couple an apartment near Thane. It amazing that people are so supportive of Lalita. I am just happy that she was able to fulfill her dream of getting married to her prince and able to find love despite being in a hopeless situation.   

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