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Essential Foot Care Tips For The Monsoons


Monsoon is heading towards Delhi; I am super excited to dance in rain. But at the same time, the season too will bring skin infections and fungus. Phewwwww...

As I always say “Prevention is better than medicine”
So I thought to share some tips which although I know that you mostly know just a brushing yar…no Gyan

So here I go…

Where ever we go, our feet take us there, they form our means of mobilization and yet they often go un- attended. Many of us do not take as much care of our feet as much we do of our hands, which is what we need to change. This monsoon we will give you tips on how to take care of your feet and make them look as good as your hands.

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1. Keep ‘em clean- although we bath every day and wash our feet, it is also important to scrub them, moisturize them, dry them and prevent them from smelling foul. Use talcum powder on your feet. And always wash them if they get wet or dirty in rain water. Dirty water can cause infections and makes your feet breeding grounds for bacteria often leading to fungal infection in nails or between your toes.

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2. Wear right footwear- monsoon is not the right time for you to wear your canvas shoes or those new bellies. It is the time for your flip-flops or the open toed sandals. Full covering footwear is not the ideal footwear for monsoon season, as our feet often get wet in the rain and in fully covered shoes, they can’t cry. Wet feet smells bad and also causes problems like fungal infection or athlete’s foot in worst scenarios.

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3. Trimmed nails- grown up nails acquire dust and bacteria a lot more than you know. It is important to trim your nail regularly, do not cut them too deep, because every time it gets wet it will sting and in the case of dirty water, it might get worse. Make sure to trim edges of your nails, so that there are no in- grown nails. If you opt for a pedicure at a parlor, make sure their equipment are clean, in monsoon infection spreads fast and you do not want to acquire infection from used equipment.

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4. Use antiseptics- every time you wet your feet in the rain and get them dirtied in the mud, dip them in water with antiseptic lotions or Dettol. This helps you get rid of all the germs and bacteria on your feet and saves you from any kind of infection. This will also make them smell better.

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5. Fish pedicure- this was new till now but has lately gained popularity. This involves putting your feet in a small tub full of tiny fishes, these fishes eat away your dead skin and leave your feet with fresh skin. You can get it done in parlors around you. However, this might be an expensive idea, for those looking for a cheaper solution we have something for them too.

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Hope these tips will help you, till then bye-bye

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