Travel Diary: Dalhousie From My Eyes


Best friend in Canada, Sister in Goa, Parents in Haridwar, office colleague in Kerela….it seem that everyone is on a trip except me.
So I thought to look out for a perfect summer vacation since it was lengthy sweaty 10 months since I took a breath of fresh air. Then I heard about Khajjiar from a fellow colleague – Mini Switzerland of India.  Unbeknownst to me at the time I decided to explore the valley.

Day 1
We boarded the train from New Delhi to Pathankot at 9 PM and reached to Pathankot at 6 AM in the morning. From there we hired a cab to Khajjiar. The Cab driver charged Rs 2700 from the station to Khajjiar.

For a hill station that’s perfected the art of nature’s beauty the journey towards the Car’s window look pristine and divine. I encountered a lot of serene views from the car which made me fall in love with the place. The narrow roads and deep valleys were really thrilling to experience.

Lodging in Hotel
Hotels vary in price from place to place. We stayed at Devdar Hotel – a heritage property from the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Authority.

Activities in Khajjiar
After getting fresh up we headed towards the main field of Khajjiar. When I was standing in the mid of valley I didn’t feel it is worthy to be known as Mini Swiss. In fact, I have seen many beautiful places than this. There was a lake in the mid which was not so clean. I can see cattle in the field. Though people were enjoying paragliding, horse riding, and zorbing. The placed looked over hyped. The flat plateau is all covered with Deodar trees. There were Horse vendors everywhere. We have to struggle to find an isolated place there. And yes the lake was really stinking!!!  You can take a walk there but it was all crowded so nothing so special out there.

It was really roller coaster experience in the balloon. Initially, I was a bit reluctant going into the balloon but excited at the same time.

We spent 4 hours there doing horse riding, paragliding, and zorbing. The panoramic view of Khajjiar is good for one time visit. Personally, I won’t recommend the place to visit for a long vacation.

Day 2
Next day we headed towards Dalhousie which is known for its small hamlet kind of hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This is a small indeed beautiful hill station. We decide to stay at Geetanjali Hotel again a heritage piece from HPTC. Dalhousie is almost 25 KM away from Khajjiar. 

The Clear azure blue sky during the journey was awesome. The sweet munchy sound of air full of oxygen made me feel like I am floating in the heaven. You will fall with the greenery and lush green forests every other second.

Green Valley
As the name suggests the place is about a huge green valley. This valley is flooded with Deodar forests, colorful flowers, and potatoes farms. You can find few vendors there with rabbits and white pigeons on rent to capture photos. The valley offers scenic charm and picturesque view of the place.

Dainkund Peak
The best and picture perfect place to visit in Dalhousie. It is located at an air base with mind blowing views of Himalaya range. 

There is a trek to reach the peak of Dainkund, also there is a temple of Hindu Goddess – Pholani Devi Temple located at 900 m from the peak itself. Ups and downs in the wood will take you to the peak.   

You can also have some relaxing points in between the trekking passage. I must say this is by far the best view I have visited so far in the mountains. I feel like to fly in the sky and the gorgeous greenery.

The temple looked so great at a good height with a panoramic view of tranquil mountains. I loved the place. I also bought Prasad from the temple. Also, there was one Kali Mata Murti on a hill where it was written on a board that climbing to touch the statue is not allowed. 

The sound of the breeze passing through the forests makes a melodious sound proclaiming it a singing hill.

It took me like 3 hours to cover this trek – I mean the up and down both. But I could spend 24 hours there. It was really awesome J

The best Coffee
After the tedious trekking, I felt to have a cold coffee. So I asked the driver to take us to a café. He advised us to try the small eating points at Mall Road Gandhi Chowk. He took us to the Gandhi Chowk since the mall road is mostly about the restaurants and small eating junks at Gandhi chowk. There are not many eating points in Dalhousie. Thankfully, we found a café there – Mongal Café.

The ambiance of the café was nice. I was a bit doubtful about my cold coffee but the taste of coffee was enough to my doubts.
The coffee was great. 

We also ordered pancakes and pasta. Both were good in taste. But the coffee was certainly yummm…. Though the brownie was a disappointment.
We had a good time there.  

Day 3

The last day of our trip we moved to Panchpula. It is basically known for the waterfall. It is great picnic spot. To reach the waterfall place you need to trek a bit. When we reached there it was again a disappointment. The waterfall was for name sake only. Though, it is surrounded by picturesque mountains and green valleys. You can find lots of restaurants with the intent to serve the food to the tourists.

There were also some adventurous activities like Zipline arranged by licensed by an agency – Himalaya adventures.
Again we take a halt at Mongal Restaurant to have coffee  and pancakesJ

Tibetan Market

There is also a small market run by Tibetan refugees. You can find a lot of colorful clothes, footwears, and art pieces. Don't expect many trendy clothes there, but those pretty decent to have in the wardrobe.  

St Francis Church

Then we headed to St Francis Church at Subhash Chowk.
It is a catholic church with the ultimate glass works at the panes and windows. You can take a walk inside to have a look at the aura of Victorian architecture. There was also a wish box where you can write your wish and put that in the wish box. It is one of the most ecstatic places in Dalhousie.

After a serene experience at Francis Church we departure from Dalhousie bidding it a Goodbye!

I did not find romantic love in Dalhousie instead I found a captivating love for nature.  


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