You Are What You Drink: How Alcohol Affects Your Skin


Alcohol is known not to be benefiting us in any way, all those who consume alcohol are well aware of its impact on our health. It is a well know intoxicating substance with vast ranging ill-effects like liver damage, bladder problem, anxieties etc. Binge drinking can cause mental health problems, blackouts, relationship issues, alcohol dependence and inability in successful completion of everyday activities including emotional and financial problems. What often goes unnoticed are effects of alcohol on our skin, whether you believe it or not drinking alcohol adversely effects your skin.

Our skin is nothing but tissues, skin cells are sensitive to any kind of change both inside and outside the body. That is what causes problems like skin burn and tanning, alcohol consumption also raises body temperature and effects our skin in the following ways:

Dehydration- alcohol restricts the formation of Vasopressin (anti-diuretic hormone). This causes our kidneys to work harder to pass out excess water from the body- the reason for our visits to restrooms. This leaves our skin dehydrated, hence leaving us craving for food and water the next morning. Drink at least 500ml- 1000ml of water the next day to restore the hydration of skin.

Bloating- drinking alcohol may involve waking up to a bloated face the next morning, or feeling a certain heaviness in the face, this is because  alcohol depletes your body of vital nutrients and fluids, in such a condition when you drink water, it is absorbed by the body causing tissues to swell, which is what we call bloating. It can also worsen skin problems like Rosacea, alcohol will cause it to flare up often.

Low vitamin A- alcohol consumption reduces the levels of vitamin A inside our body. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant for the body and help in cell rejuvenation therefore a lack of vitamin-A means a dull and lackluster skin. Drinking alcohol also effects our hair and causes split ends and brittle hair, breaking too often.

Eye- bags- alcohol consumption involves bagginess under the eyes along with a bloated face, meaning it can also cause swelling in particular areas of the body. Like many drinks high on sugar and salt, alcohol can also cause bagginess under the eyes. Alcohol increases blood flow causing blood vessels in the face to dilate and sometimes burst leaving you with broken capillaries causing red spots on the face and around the eyes, these red spots are usually difficult to get rid of.

Spotty skin-this is one thing heavy drinkers should be cautious about. Binge drinking can leave with you with spots all over the body. This is somewhat similar to the red marks caused due to bursting of capillaries, alcohol can do it in any part of your body. So curb that drinking habit before it goes out of hand.
What matters is also the definition of binge drinking for men and women, what constitutes binge drinking for one is not binge drinking for other! For men it’s five drinks per hour and for women it’s four drinks per hour. I wonder if one drink could save us from all this?

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