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 Delhi has been tagged as the world’s most polluted city by WHO, high pollution levels in the city are impacting us in some very obvious ways, and thankfully our government is also taking keen interest in fighting the pollution menace. What the government is not taking care of is, making sure our hair and skin are not effected due to pollution. And that is something we will have to manage on our own. There are numerous home remedies for having silky and smooth hair and how to have good hair in a polluted city. This article will shed light on one of such remedies.

Before describing home remedies for hair nourishment it is important for you to know which are the products good for your hair, which are the products that can add shine and volume to your hair, with all that information it will be easier for you to manage your hair in all times, at all situations. There are various daily use products that can be used to have good hair namely, egg, honey, banana, avocado, curd, vinegar, aloe vera etc. You do not need all of these ingredients together but only a few of them, one-at-a time, but at regular intervals.

In very simple terms curd alone can be used to add shine to your hair and make them silky, apply it for 45 minutes before washing your hair, repeat the process for at least 2-3 months to see visible difference. Same can be done with aloe vera gel as well, apply aloe vera gel an hour before hair wash, do it regularly to get shinny hair. A combination of egg yolks and avocados is also very good for your hair, the application procedure is same again, apply before washing, let it dry and the wash, repeat procedure regularly for best results. Another home remedy to the rescue is application of vinegar, before hair wash, this might not work for all types of hair but is worth a try.

Many people are often too busy to be going the home remedy way, they would rather opt  for a hair smoothening shampoo followed by conditioner and hair serums. Many women today work in long hour shifts, and also have families to look after, they can hardly manage time for themselves, in this type of routine it is not feasible to regularly follow the home remedies, for them there are endless options in the market of shampoos, conditioners and serums.

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