Anti Wrinkle creams: Your guide to younger looking skin


We make attempts to hide those wrinkles from our face as if to show we are not aging but are instead getting younger with time. But ever wondered what is it about anti- wrinkle or anti-aging creams that helps us look younger? Probably not, because it is our nature to emphasize more on the results than to see what is going in to produce those results.

We can sure be fit and healthy even as we age, if we exercise regularly and eat healthy, but that might not help us look younger, for that we will have to go for regular facials or use anti- aging creams.

Most of the anti- aging creams sold in the market are products sold without any prescription, they are cosmetics, not medicines. For this reason our Food and Drug Administration does not subject them to equal amounts of scrutiny as medicated items or drugs. These creams are only tested for any possible side effects and not for their effectiveness, therefore there is no guarantee about how genuine they are to the claims they make. We use them going by the advertisements we see but that provides no surety about how much they will help in anti- aging.

The active ingredients in most of these anti- aging or anti wrinkle creams are the following:
1. Retinol-  vitamin A compound, widely used antioxidant in anti-aging creams.
2.Vitamin C- this helps in de- tanning and prevents skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.
3. Hydroxy acids- these are the exfoliants which help remove dead, old skin and helps in growth of new and un- wrinkled skin
4. Coenzyme Q10- this helps reduce fine lines, around eye area.
5. Peptides- this was earlier used in medicines for healing wounds but is now an active ingredient in anti- aging creams too.
6. Tea extracts- the antioxidants in green tea greatly help in anti-aging and green tea extracts thus form active ingredients of wrinkle creams.
7. Niacinamide- A potent antioxidant related to vitamin B-3 (niacin). Helps in reduction of water loss in facial skin and might also improve skin elasticity.

Apart from using these anti- aging creams to hide wrinkles, we can also opt for skin tightening face masks, but that gets limited for women who have ample of time for doing it at home, which rarely happens these days, as even the house-wives are engrossed in household work the whole day, and working women are almost always short of time. Therefore these anti- aging creams are usually what works for every one. Working as well as non working women.

 VLCC has a wide variety of products to offer under for anti- aging, which should suggestively be used together for best results. The range consist of:
1.Firming Face Mask-Tightens skin & improves skin texture
2.Foaming Face Wash-Cleanses & purifies your skin
3.Hydrating Night Cream-Tightens skin & stimulates collagen synthesis
4.Nourishing Day Cream SPF 25- Tightens skin & stimulates collagen synthesis
5.Vitalift Serum Fades wrinkles & tightens skin

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