Different Types of Couples on Valentine’s Day


Singles the official day for you to feel sad and lonely has come yet again. All your ranting about loving couples throughout the year, seems to vanish on this particular day. No one is getting you your favorite Zara dress, when your friend is flaunting her new Mango denims. Well don’t worry as I make you feel better about your Drama Free zone life.

Vagueness of today’s love is the reason one questions and criticizes the reason to celebrate or vow a loved one.

The Social Media Freak
As if posting a picture with your bae everyday is not enough, this couple will make you doubt your partner for not loving you enough. As if everything they do is too photogenic. From big bouquets to chocolate cakes, they will rub it all on your face. Kissing pictures to cute snap stories, you will look at them only to compare it to your lazy sloth of a man.     

The PDA shy couple.
Probably the goof balls of couple herd. They will share stolen kisses and pecks shyly around you, just to laugh out loud later, becoming the center of attention in the room.

The PDA Experts
They don't care who’s watching, they just know they want to kiss their partner. Your words won’t bother them and you will be annoyed by their affectionate ways. They will make you feel like they are violating your privacy. Nothing would faze them out of your face. And valentines day is just another reason for them to make out. 

The Friend-Zoned Couple
Are you celebrating Valentines day with your best friend, well congratulations you fall in this category. Oh! He is just your friend. But you do everything together from shopping to brunching to celebrating valentines day. This is the couple you will see having the most fun, yet choosing to be discreet in their platonic ways, no hand holding, no kissing only hidden stares.

The Formality Couple
 Well, they both happen to be committed so they are obliged to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There is no anticipation about the gift or the plan, they are both doing each other a favor by going out on a meal together.

Oh! It’s so Cliché Couple.
Nothing can be worse than this couple, who choose to avoid their partner just because love should be expressed everyday. But forget about loving them throughout the whole year. Chocolates day or Rose day, they can’t even celebrate promise day.

The Broke Couple.
They both claim to be excited about the day, yet none of them saved any extra bucks to fulfill that excitement and are now celebrating it adorably in their pyjamas snuggling together on their couch watching chick flick. 

Because Valentine’s Day is the best day to breakup? Right?
What a shame? He/she broke your heart on Valentine’s Day. As if the breakups are not hard enough, some of these couples have choose this day to shatter other person’s emotions and ruin it for them forever.

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