12 Reasons to Fall for Yourself Again


Not that you need a reason to fall in love with the reflection you see everyday in the mirror,
but the society might make you question the true essence of your own perfection.
So, as we go let me remind you how precious you are.

1. Yes you are are not perfect! Accept it.  End  the pressure. But know that you are amazing just the way you are.

2. Look at the that smile! I mean can somebody resist talking  to that face?

3. You are so exquisite, and so rare. One of a kind.

4. People love your hair and your eyes, even when you yourself might hate them sometimes.

5. That skinny denim looks so good on you, because of your chubby thighs and how your curves fit in your little black dress. It takes everyone’s breath away.

6. So opinionated, you have a thought for every thing that’s happening around you, and effecting you.

7. You are their to help everyone. The kindness that you exhibit is a rarity in this cruel world.

 photo couple-hug.gif

8. Your mood swings make you so special, how you go from your cranky on-going rants to your  loving hugs in a few minutes.

9. The way your anxiety takes over your head, how you don't stretch any fight because you can’t leave what matters to your heart.

10. Your wild fantasy land. Is a beautiful mystic world where everything is hard core.

11. How can you expect yourself to love someone else, when you don’t know what love is. Self love is the best way to understand the concept of love. Loving someone more than yourself, is a choice that we make, and if we can’t love ourself, how will we ever  know if we love someone or just the idea of loving them?

12. You are Your own Partner in Crime till infinity. You only knew yourself when you were born, before your parents, family and friends, you were the only soul you knew of. Making peace with the fact that you are always alone, sounds sad yet gives you edge to love the soul which will remain with you forever.

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