When and why you should go for Lubricant?


Vaginal dryness can kill the mood within those private moments. You may feel hot and excited but the dryness will make the penetration difficult. Saliva may be of help but not to an extent. This friction can cause pain in vagina and make you uncomfortable. If you also feel pain and uneasiness during intercourse so mark this point friend you are not alone. Most women confront sexual pain during their intercourse due to friction. So, here one can use lubricant to reduce that friction during intercourse and create a pleasurable sex moment.

What is a lubricant?
It is liquid which makes the vagina wet to create a smooth and pleasurable intercourse. A small portion of lubricant makes the penetration easy and inside – outside movements smoother.

How to use lubricant?
Few drops of lubricant warmed in the hands should be sensually massaged inside the vagina and on the vulva before insertion.

When to use lubricant?
  • When you feel dryness in the vagina because of age factor or due to hectic lifestyle.
  • When your partner is endowed with a big penis and you are in dilemma how that going to e fit inside you. Here you can use water based lubricant to avoid painful intercourse.
  • When you want to experiment new and complicated positions. The application of lubricant will make the penetration smoother. Lubricants also help in anal sex making the move smooth.
  • When you want to reduce friction due to some infections and rashes. Lubricant here removes that friction and eliminate the vaginal pain due to roughness.
Which lubricant to use?

Water based – An ideal lubricant with very sensitive skin and safe to use with contraceptives. It is the purest form of water. It dries with exposure with air so you need to reapply.
Oil based – An ideal lubricant for hand job that lasts a long time. It should not be used with condoms as it may rot the stuff.
Silicone based – An ideal lubricant for water play since it is waterproof and hard to wash off. If you are sensitive to vaginal infections don’t apply a silicone based lubricant as it can create irritations to your skin.

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