What to wear this 26th January 2017


Are you planning to go and witness the Republics day this year? If you are, maybe you should consider these 4 options which we have listed below.

1. Going full Desi:
To commemorate years of India’s struggle, going back in time can be quite an awesome idea. Just drape on a sari or if you are male, you can adorn a Dhoti Kurta attire.

2. Semi Casuals:
With all those crowds and long walks, maybe going on Semi- casuals would be a great idea. Not having to worry about your clothes and shoes, fully enjoying the show.

3. Indo- Western:
Living in modern times, you can go a bit creative. How about adorning a good pair of jeans with a Kurta? Going Indo-western these days are in.

4. All Formal:

Well, if you like to suit up, maybe going formal is not such a bad idea. Since it’s a Republic day, maybe adorning a white/Red full suit can be a good option.

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