Top 5 Lip Balms For Your Precious Lips


Does your lips get chapped easily? Are they sensitive to the winter cold? We have listed some of the best lip balms in our country to save your precious lips from getting chapped.

Winter’s here and we ought to take care of our sensitive lips which keeps on getting chapped and cracked. In India itself we have a huge list of Lip balms. 
But we have narrowed down to just five brands that tops our list just for you. So ladies, here it goes:

1. Vlcc Lip Balm:
An exquisite brand that spells both quality and beauty, the VLCC lip balm has a amazing moisturizing quality and softens the lip with a color that will suit your taste. Not only that it is very easy and comfortable to wear on your lips and you can carry it any where you want, in your pocket, in your purse etc. The VLCC lip balm is a must to try on.

2. Maybeline Lip Balm:
The famous BABY LIPS Maybeline lip balm is here to entice your with its unique blend of colors and a solid quality. It has women going gaga over it and has wowed our ladies with its excellent quality and blend of colors. 

3. Lakme Lip Balm:
Lakme lip balm comes in many colors with a  very glossy touch and a deep moisturizing content that makes our ;lips soft and beautiful. It has at least more than 7 different colors for choice. Lakme Lip balm will spoil you of choice.

4.  Nivea Lips Balm:
Another recommendation to top our list is the age old Nivea, who hasn’t faltered in these many years. The Nivea Lip balm is super sexy and and has a very content for moistening your lips. 
Nothing beats a good moisturizing lip care that save your lip for the winter wind.

5. Vaseline Lip Balm:
Old is gold! Our dear Vaseline still continues to woo us with its power packed quality care in the areas of moisturizing our skin.  It has a powerful content of moisturizing quality that our chapped lips can immediately recover and bring our lips back to life.

So, here it is ladies! These five lip balms that will revitalize you lip in no time and further protect your lips from any damage from the winter cold. So, go ahead ladies, have some of these stuffed in your purses and use them any time anywhere. Have a nice Lip day!

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