The mind holds an astounding power to create and to destroy life. A good mental state is therefore an important necessity to live a healthy and a more fulfilling life.
A poor mental health can exceedingly degrade the standard of living and also affect those around the subject. A poor and unstable mental health can influence all physical, social and personal areas of life.

A huge part of the world’s population is unaware of this harrowing fact and it has lead to a huge number of deaths. As the years have passed, suicide rates have tremendously increased and the world hasn’t been able to dip the rate. So what is mental illness? People have often looked at it as those who are completely insane and beyond control. But can someone be insane within while appearing completely sane from the outside?

Mental illness is actually very common around the world. A recent study has found out that there are almost around 200 mental diseases which have been discovered, some which are often invisible to our human eye and perception. To name some are Tourett’s Syndrome, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Dyslexia,OCD, Depression and so on. A victim of these disorders has often been found to have difficulties coping with the usual task and situations. Families of these victims can often have a very hard time dealing.

Where does mental illness come from?  Well, most of it may come through the genetic predisposition, while some are caused through traumatic experiences or accidents.

How to cure it?
  • The first step is to be aware of the condition. Self evaluation is an essential step towards a healthy mind.
  • Seeking counseling from a psychiatrist.
  • Family plays a vital role in the growth and easing of the child’s mental health.
  • A healthy environment serves for a good mind.
Learning to daily take care of one’s mind is an essential task. For only a healthy mind can usher a healthy life.

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