This poem about bride’s feelings on her wedding will make you cry!


Marriage is surely a inevitable decision for a bride. Away from her family, her home, even from her own surname she moves out to a new world. The only word keep buzzing in her mind is”in-laws”. 

She goes through endless emotions. Somewhere in her heart she feels nervous, fear, pain, and excitement - almost each and every emotion Hoovers in her mind.

Well so somewhere in the dark I found a piece of poem which perfectly goes with the emotions of a bride on her wedding day. And I bet it will leave you in tears for a moment.

I wish I was not born as a daughter

Glittering shining from head to toe

I just look at the wedding vows

My eyes wandered looking for you

Wanted you to hold me tight

Saw you smiling with teary eyes

Few moments ago, I belonged to you

Now I have a family, completely new

You hugged me and wiped my tears

You never looked so weak all these years

I wanted to say, let’s go home

But soon realised, I have a new home

I wished I could never leave you today

But tradition is above, as they say!

I wished so much this day could have come little late

But then how can I fight my fate

You never made me feel this, mother

But today I wish, I was not born as a daughter!    

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