Parul Yadav Viciously attacked by Street Dogs


Parul Yadav, who won the Uday Awards for Best Female Actor and made her debut in the famous television series ‘Bagyavidhaata’, was viciously attacked by a number of stray dogs in the street and is in serious condition. 

According to sources, Parul had taken hey pet Pluto a Shih Tzu, for a walk when a group of stray dogs started barking and attacking her pet. Parul immediately took Pluto into her arms and what followed was a series of bites and scratches over Parul’s head, arms and legs. Despite her cry for help, no one came to rescue. But after few more moments, Parul’s mother overheard her cry and along with the help of guards and helpers Parul was rescued from the vicious stray dogs.

 Parul was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to undergo a small surgery for the deep gashes she received from the stray dogs. Her arms were filled with blood and bites.Luckily the surgery was successful and Parul is in complete bed rest, though she is a bit shaken from the incident.

 Calls have been pouring out ever since the incident was noticed in the news and social media. Parul Yadav is unreachable at the moment and taking all her time from acting for a proper rest.

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