Did Standing Up for Myself Cost Me My Job?



I have been working in this particular International company ( I do not want to name the company for legal reasons) for at-least 4 years now. I have worked since it’s inception and had been doing pretty well in my area as a program coordinator. New recruits for the managing post always keep taking its place and given only to the company’s nationalities.
Having had a new manager over, I had Immediately started accommodating with him. But recently I found out that the manager had asked the director to remove me from the post that I have been working for 4 years and place me in other department. I was immediately transfered to the other department that I had no skill set. This really hurt me and got me confused as to where did I go wrong?
Why hasn’t the manager discuss it with me? I was terribly disheartened by the situation, that I decided to write an email to my Director asking where I had gone wrong. 


When I had written the email, instead of receiving at-least a good response, I received a harsh scolding from my director saying, I was in no position to even ask.
All I did was ask where I went wrong! I am still confused as to what went wrong. And if I have stood for myself for once in my entire 4 years in this office, was I wrong doing that? What should I do?

Confused me.
(Inspired true story)

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