Bollywood actresses who undergone skin whitening treatments


Who doesn’t want fair and glowing skin!!, Having a fair and white skin is something which every girl wants to have. While many Europeans are spending lots of money to have beautiful, dusky-dark skin, we Indians are doing the opposite to get white and flawless skin. Earlier skin whitening treatments were a strange thing for people but now it has become easier for everyone to get white and glowing skin with skin whitening treatments. We can see many bollywood actress who used to be dark and dusky, now they have transformed from dusky complexion into hot divas.

So here are the few treatments that are actually available in India:

1. Chemical Peeling: In this the damaged skin is removed using acidic solution. It helps in enhancing the complexion of the skin. The cost of this treatments is $6000.

2. Cryosurgery:This is the type of surgery in which liquid nitrogen is used to destroy melanin and makes the skin lighter.

3. Permanent Skin bleaching: In this treatment few medicines are given to the patients, to reduce the amount of melanin in the skin. The treatment cost is $200.

4. Skin Lightening Surgeries: The surgery involves the chemical substances and melanin that gives the exact complexion of the skin.

5. Vampire Facial: It is the treatment that involves-injecting the patient’s blood into their face.

Some of the bollywood actresses who undergoes skin whitening treatments are:
  Kajol: If we compare kajol from baazigar movie, she has transformed herself into hot diva. She used to be dark in complexion and now her skin looks much lighter than before that completely shows that she has opted some fairness treatments.

  Shilpa Shetty: It is in the news that she have undergone skin whitening treatments before her pregnancy.

  Rekha: Rekha has always known for her dark and dusky looks but despite being above 50 years of age she looks completely stunning and her skin glows more than before.

  Priyanka Chopra: Former Miss World used to be very chocolaty in complexion. If we compare her pictures with the present one, we can easily recognize a drastic change in her complexion. She has undergone the skin whitening treatments that makes her look glowy and fair.

  Bipasha Basu: A Bengali girl, who is generally known for her dimple and dusky complexion. Though she always say that she is happy with her colour complexion but it’s in news that she has undergone a skin whitening treatment recently.


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