Too Old For This Generation



I’m sitting in front of my desktop, working on my files and emails. But things have changed these days. “Social media” has swept its magic broom in our offices, cleaning up anything that’s old and out of date and has replaced our age old technique of working styles. I almost space out every-time a discussion occurs in our offices. With the fast pace of our technology, I almost feel as if I have taken ten years step behind my younger peers. They happen to be ahead of me in terms of efficiency and technical abilities.

I haven’t even started using a "Facebook", but my younger peers have more than 3 social media accounts and thriving really fast. I’m starting to feel like I'm getting too old for my industry.

What happened to the old ways of writing a letter to your loved ones, that held much deeper value? What happened to newspapers delivered on the doors steps?

But, I’m determined not to let these assumptions get into my head. I guess there is always time and space for re-inventing yourself. There is no stopping for those who desire to learn and renew themselves everyday.

Old is not the issue here, but being ready to renew ourselves, is the vital question. Because everyone is going to get old and their tricks are going to fade away anyway.

So knowing this and simply appreciating the change and embracing it will help us move on show a better perspective of life. Hope you find this meaningful, and helps you in some way.

(Inspired from a true story)

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