Watch the Thrilling Video Of The Two Kannada Actors Jumping Off Chopper To Their Death


A massive search is still on for the two kannada actors believed to be drowned yesterday while shooting a risky action sequence for their upcoming movie Masthi Gudi in Bengaluru.  
At the time of shooting the sequence few television channels were present there that have captured the video of three members jumping from the choppers.

Stunt actors Anil Raghav (R) and Uday(L)  drowned during the shoot of a stunt on Monday. (Source: PTI)

It is clearly visible in the video Uday and Anil together jumping off the choppers followed by the main actor of the movie – Duniya Vijay. However, the actor managed to swim back the other two stuntmen Uday and Anil assumed to be drowned and still missing in the reservoir.

Watch the Video here

The director, producer and stunt director are charged on the criminal negligence in the police complaint.  

Divers gnarled the water for hours but did not find any trace. They have resumed their search operation this morning.

According to the police reports the two stuntmen were not having life jackets though the Duniya Vijay had the harness before jumping.

The officials of the reservoir fear that two have got stuck in the silt of the backwaters, which is a no entry zone for common public and unfortunately the director was shooting the sequence there without permission.

No rescue boats or life jackets were arranged by the crew members for the stuntmen, even the expert swimmers present at the scene came to rescue very late.

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