Priyanka Chopra’s high classy knot gives us hair goal


It is considered that a high know goes well for a gym but our Baywatch Actress has recreated the style and carried this classy high knot out.

What to learn from her high knot

1. The hair at the back is firmed and should be brushed straight upward.

2. Pull your hair at back in an upward position in a way that they remain tight and smooth.

3. The knot should be flat and not go far at the back of the head.

4. Manage with a small band with minimal diameter.

5. If you need more volume comb the ponytail at the back.

6. Once done with the comb, twist the hair around the elastic into a circular shape.

7. Manage the bun with the hairpins.

8. Finally mist your hands with a gel or hairspray and gently rub that on your hair, particularly near the hairline, to highlight your baby hair on the forehead.

Image Credit: Masala.com


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