'Neither Dad, Nor I Really Liked Him': Aditya Chopra said for Shah Rukh Khan


Tomorrow would going to be a special day for King Khan as Samar Khan writer and filmmaker is going to launch his book on Shahrukh Khan. He is known to King Khan for last 20 years when he first met to himon the sets of English Babu Desi Mem.

Samar says, “The thought behind the book was to show why his directors thought of such iconic characters for Shah Rukh. I had made a documentary called Living with a Superstar on him where he had told me that every piece (of character) he does, leaves a piece behind and today he a culmination of all the characters he has ever played in his life. If I had to know the man completely, I had to talk to the filmmakers he has worked with, so I have spoken to all his directors except Raj Kanwar (passed away) and Shashilal Nair (whom I couldn’t contact).”

It took four years to Samar to compile the book along with the co-author Sonali Kokra

Read the extract from the book from the perspective of Aditya Chopra about SRK. 

Aditya has made three movies with King Khan Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Mohabbatein and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Our first shot with him was the Holi song. I think that very day itself, I knew that this man was going to be a superstar. He had a strange kind of madness in his eyes that was very exciting. I was the first assistant director on Darr.

“We became casual friends, but it wasn’t like we were so pally that I’d hang out with him over beer. When I decided to make my DDLJ, I knew I had to have Shah Rukh. Mostly because in those days, Shah Rukh Khan was two people at once. There was the Shah Rukh the actual person and there was the image that he projected. Most of his roles were about this brash, arrogant and aggressive person — all the things he isn’t in real life. A good boy was playing a bad boy. In real life, he was an honest, well-read, kind boy. And that is the side of him I wanted to bring out in Dilwale... I wanted to flip his image over. Also, I didn’t want someone who had done a love story before.”

"When we cast him for Darr, to be honest, neither dad, nor I really liked him. He was working on Rakesh Roshan’s King Uncle then and we had managed to get our hands on the reel of some footage. Neither of us were very impressed but somehow, maybe because everyone kept rejecting the negative part, we ended up signing him."

“As a filmmaker and a friend, I hope that soon, he is offered roles that tap into the remaining 90 per cent. l hope I can give him roles that tell the world, ‘’You’ve seen Shah Rukh the superstar, now see Shah Rukh the actor.”

Extract & Picture Credit :DNAIndia

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