A sneek peak into the Bollywood Actress’s Rare Short Hairdos


Actress in Indian Film industry is known for long and luscious hair. Even it’s the era of 90’s to Vidya Balan of Parineeta actresses have graciously showcased the magic of long hair. But it would be really surprising to see few of them who have got their hair chopped and opted for smaller locks instead. 

We have compiled a list of few actresses who just not only dared to do this but also give us some hair goals too!

Katrina Kaif spotted in her short hair locks. She looks pretty though!

We are loving Priyanka’s gorgeous locks

We are loving Bipasha’s fierce style

Freida Pinto looks all awesome in her sleek and short side parting

A face of today’s youth Anushka can do no wrong with her hairstyle curled as bob cut, she look pretty as always

Shruti in her short and bouncy curls add to her fiery look

Known by Kangna’s bouncy cut this short bob which she carries gracefully make her the women of the moment

Sonakshi the face of Akira with her quirky manner and short bob just add the right element of style to her appealing look.

Who grabbed your attention the most??

Image Credit: masala.com

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