7 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm This Winter


Winters have knocked on our doors, and one major reason what makes it bearable is the pretty and stylish winter wear we get to wear in this season. This varies from coats, hats, mufflers to boots, etc. Coats and jackets form a big part of the winter wardrobe and yes my favorite attire in winters to lay with. There are plenty of colours and designs in winter coats and jackets. The coats not only worn to cover but also add as a style statement. As fashion keeps on changing So, I thought to update you with the latest cuts and designs of few of them. Read here

1)   Trench Coat
The Trench Coat is stylish, classy and has existed for centuries. It is best suited for mild winters. The best part about this is you can wear multiple layers beneath it. You also have the option to team it up with a belt. Its length varies from medium to long. 

2)   Double Breasted Coat
Like the Trench coat, this is also a very classic choice. It is ideal for heavy winters while still making you look stylish. The front of this coat is double breasted and it usually comes with a broad collar. Its length varies from short to medium to long.


3)   Bomber Jacket
Unlike the first two categories, a Bomber Jacket is not formal and is thus ideal for casual settings. It comes in both sleeveless and full sleeves. It has the capacity to fight heavy winters and can be easily teamed up with jeans. It is usually of a short length.
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4)   Boyfriend Blazer
It is one of the most popular winter wears because of its stylish looks and great fit. It comes in both semi-formal and casual variety, so it is great for both office wear and otherwise. It is not however, ideal for heavy winters. Its sleeve varies from 3/4th to medium length.


5)   Leather Coat
Just like the Trench coat, this has also existed for a long time. It is your best option for extreme winters, especially if the region experiences cold waves. It is popular in chilly areas and can be teamed up with long boots.


6)   Woolen Coat
This is another very popular variety of coat, since it comes in multiple bright colors like crimson, fuchsia, teal, etc. As the name suggest, it is made of wool, but it is also mixed with cotton. It is usually very thick, thus protecting you from heavy winters. Its length varies from medium to long.


7)   Down Coat
Like the Bomber Jacket, this is also of a casual kind. Known as the Down Jacket, it is very sporty and practical, as it has multiple pockets and and zips. It comes in many designs, like hooded and un-hooded. It comes in both short and long lengths.
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These overcoat style ideas are perfect for the girls who want to look chic and adorable but not exposed. Which is your pick for this winter?

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