Biotique Bio kelp Protein Shampoo and Bio Sea Kelp Fresh Growth revitalizing Conditioner Review


Hello Birdies,

As promised I am here with another post of Biotique Bio kelp Protein shampoo and Bio Sea Kelp Fresh Growth revitalizing Conditioner since I was travelling from last few days.  I have already hinted about the hair care products provided by Biotique team. I have a secret love for herbal products in my hair care routine which is not a secret though. My hair is very rough and frizzy not now as I have got hair smoothing but the treatment has made my hair fall a lot. So when I saw the label of falling hair on Biotique Bio kelp Protein shampoo I was so tempted to use the product.

“I got strangers telling me my hair is so

 silky” The birdie is happy🙂

This hair care duo has got the good scores for hair fall results. Biotique shampoo and conditioner resulted in lesser hair fall after the wash, so may be regular use propagate the hair growth too.

After 3 wash I felt it made my tresses softer, thicker, and more manageable. Don’t pinch me if it takes time to show result on you. Read on to know more about these 🙂

Packaging: It has a tall cylindrical bottle and green cap. The pump design of the shampoo with a screw cap is great for travel kits. The shampoo has a gel oriented consistency.       

Ingredients: Kelp, Natural Proteins, Peppermint Oil, Mint Leaf Extract, Neem, Tesu, Daruhaldi, Bhringraj, Ritha, Sajjikshar, Himalayan Water
Amount: At a time to wash your hair you need 2-3 dollops of shampoo for a single rinse for a mid-waist level hair. It is not good in making good lather. So I suggest mixing the shampoo with little water before applying to scalp. 

Fragrance & Colour: It smelled medicinal to me stays for about 3-4 hours after a wash in my hair. It is deep cool blue in colour. The mint base in shampoo leaves a soothing experience on scalp so if you are tired or sweat a lot then surely pick this one.

Price: Rs.99/- for 120ml

My Experience: The shampoo is gentle and very well able to get rid of oil and does not leave dry hair after wash. However, the shampoo alone added a bizarre in my hair with lot of volume. So I have to pick the conditioner to correct it which ever worked wonder for me. My hair was smooth and soft. Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo does not cause much hair fall during the process of hair wash. It cleanses my hair scalp very well and makes my hair shinier and handy. The best thing among all is that I am not treating my hair with chemicals as it is SLS free.  

Conditioner: I am in love with the Bio Sea Kelp Fresh Growth revitalizing Conditioner. It is light and does not make my hair heavy, washes off easily and leaves a silky shine on my hair. I discovered that conditioner works well in combination with the Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo. If you use the conditioner with some other brand’s shampoo the results are not that same.

Price: Rs 135/- for 120 ml  

Both the shampoo and conditioner are really light in texture and get washed easily. After using the duo couple of times my hair is extremely well behaved, frizz free and really soft🙂 

Recommendation: I love the duo and would definitely recommend you to try them out whether your hair is chemically-processed or not. Since it’s a herbal product I believe it will work for most of you. I wouldn’t mind using this on and off as and when I want to clean my hair thoroughly. So do give this Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo and Bio Sea Kelp Fresh Growth revitalizing Conditioner a try and see how these works on you. At this price, you wouldn’t even mind if they fail🙂 

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