Beauty benefits of Milk


A lot of us like it and have every day, even twice a day, lot of us don’t like it and never have it. But that does not mean milk does not have benefits, and those not having it are not missing out on anything. Apart from the very obvious calcium deficiency, lack of milk in our diet affects us in many other ways. Rich in calcium and vitamins, milk is not only good for health but is also very good for your hair and skin. Following are a few of the beauty benefits of milk:

1. Natural cleanser- raw milk is rich in hydraulic acid and acts as a natural cleanser for you facial skin. Dab a cotton ball in raw milk and wipe off your clean face with it, even from a clean face you will find impurities on the cotton ball. It also helps open clogged pores and close open pores, preventing acne and infection. Clean your face daily with raw milk, and see the milky white glow on your skin within a few days.

2. Natural moisturizer- cow milk does wonders to dry skin, it contains fat from the cow’s body and is very good for nourishing your skin. Apply raw cow milk on your face using cotton and let it dry, like a face pack. Rinse off using water, this will leave your face moisturized throughout the day. Repeat this regularly for a soft and smooth skin.

3. Skin lightening- excessive tanning can be cured using raw milk. It is high in lactic acid which helps in skin lightening; it has to be applied in similar fashion. Dip a cotton cloth in raw milk and apply on the affected area, let is stay for 10-20 minutes and then wash off or take a bath. Preferably do this before bathing, regularly, at least three days a week. Similar formula will work for sunburns as well

4. Anti-aging face mask- milk has certain proteins, minerals and enzymes which help reduce wrinkles on the face. Mixing milk and banana creates a perfect skin tightening face mask, which can easily be created at home and applied for an easy and instant face lift. Mash a banana and add some milk to it, make sure to not add too much or it won’t stick on the face, apply this twice or thrice a week.

5. Hair mask- milk can very well be used for silky and smooth hair as well, it naturally conditions and nourishes dry hair with regular application. Apply butter milk on your hair in generous amounts to add shine and softness to your hair. Just like it moisturizes your skin it can condition your hair too. The milk and banana mixture can also be used as a hair mask for silky, smooth hair. The softness of the banana makes hair silky and milk add shine and strength to the hair. Try either of the two to see which one works best for you.

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