B Town Girls in low V necks making heads turn


Evidently 2016 is the year marked as the year of cleavage, quite evident from deep V neck trend coming to B- town. This year deep V was the entire fume on runways, press events and promotional events by our bollywood divas. From anarkalis to evening dresses this trend lit up the glamorous industry all over the world.


Bipasha Basu, Sridevi, Anushkha Sharma and Kajol have all sported the deep V dress and I must say it might just be my favorite trend this year.
However in winter I cannot show my arms and legs so this Deep V is something to add edginess to my winter looks.

“Simply put, the V-neck shape is just flattering,” says Los Angeles-based personal stylist Laurie Brucker. “Wearing a V-neck can instantly make you look taller and slimmer.”

Here I got the B-towns girls who are successful at this fashion risks.

1.    Going off the deep end Malaika knows it very well that there is no wrong way to wear a V neck unless it’s too low or revealing. Appeared with a chunky jacket and deep low V neck Malaika was successful in distracting her V neck with large gold dangling earrings.                                                                    
2.    In an elegant satin dress and V neck accessorisied with a green pearl neck piece Sridevi made perfect distractions to keep the cleavage talk out.


3.    Show legs if you want to distract the cleavage talk and that Lisa done elegantly in a red carpet event organized recently.

4.    At the AsiaSpa India Awards 2016 Red Carpet awards the low V neck of Shilpa Shetty was hardly noticed as the oomph factor was more towards her printed pant suit and the accessories on the fingers.    

5.    At a recent bollywood event Anushka was spotted in a green gown with a braid on the left shoulder. Lesson to learn from from Anushkha is that when you distract the eyes towards your hair, no one would be concerned about the low V. That’s our Diva


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