Yardley London- Poise deo


In extreme hot weather it is common to come across people with strong body odour and excess sweat, but what comes as a breath of fresh air is a beautiful fragrance, spreading itself in the air. We often don’t realize but all of us have a particular body odour. Whether its weak or strong is a different thing, but we all have a body odour, and doesn’t necessarily have to be pleasant. Some people sweat irrespective of the weather, this is usually a sign of approaching heart ailments or just tension. But in such cases the sweat is not as smelly as it is when sweating due to work out or heat.

There are lot of ways we can deal with our body odour, the most common way of dealing with it is using deos, body sprays and under arm roll ons. However for some people, one time application of these is not sufficient, they need to apply it multiple times a day to continue smelling good. What you also need to take care of for smelling good is that you should have hair free under arms. We stink most from our under arms not because we sweat the most from there but because we have hair at our underarms and it can trap moisture creating a foul smell. So make sure to have clean underarms.

When choosing a deo for yourself, you don’t necessarily have to go for something very strong. Deos with a very strong smell can cause sneezing to those around you or maybe yourself! Opt for a deo which might or might not be strong, but should be long lasting. Yardley London deo is one of the few deos which has a strong and long lasting fragrance. I used Yardley’s Purple Poise, and I was smelling good for most part of the day. Apart from the usual fruit and flower range of Yardley deos, it has a few exclusive deos like ‘lace deos’ and then is the ‘poise’. These are two of the best deos from Yardley which I have used, and would recommend you to use it too. You can of course test it before buying it, but I truly feel its worth using at least one time.

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