Try dry brushing for losing weight


We all do brushing teeth everyday but here I am talking about skin brushing!!! Are you aware of it?

Dry brushing is an easy to use method to coddle the skin as well as to improve the health. As the name goes it includes the scrubbing of dry skin of the entire body with a rough brush. Quite Awkward I know… However, it is believed that dry brushing helps to detoxifying, exfoliating, reducing cellulite and shed some extra pounds from the skin.

Dry brushing has become a very common practice at the spas and women are equally enthusiastic to try it with the idea of reducing weight.  

It is suggested that if dry brushing is done in a correct manner for three months continuously it can shed some weight. Perhaps, it is not possible to go to spa regularly so you can learn the technique and apply at home. 
So, here I go 5 step guide of dry brushing-

1.    First of all, buy a brush similar to one as shown in the image from your local retail shop. Make sure the brush has natural bristles derivative of vegetables preferably. A long handle will be good to reach the tough areas and adding equal amount of pressure.

2.    The time of dry brushing is also crucial. It is recommended to do it at the time when your body is utmost dry preferably in the morning since before taking the bath.  

3.    So the elements are on the place now comes the methodology start from the soles of your legs one at a time to upkeep the lymphatic system of the body in the right way. Try any of the strokes straight sweeping strokes or the circular motion around. Brush your neck, shoulders and arm pits steadily towards the collar bones.

4.    Then move the brush towards your stomach aiming towards the heart in a circular motion.

5.    Finally take a bath with cold water and massage the skin with the almond or olive oil.

Note: Do not brush the sensitive areas like any cut, burn, bruise and so on.

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