Time to be wild and free- Be a bohemian girl!


The cool thing about bohemian style has awarded it a most recognized look in the fashion industry. Being bohemian is to act free or live free regardless the conventional practices. Boho style gets insight from hippie looks. This look has so much buzz in town because it takes out your individuality and look so real.

Fundamentals of Bohemian
The look of Bohemian is all about the idea of being free which stands out being free from the society’s rules. In precise it’s a style which carries loose clothes with multiple layering, wearing junk jewellery along with different prints. The outlook of a bohemian dressing represents a carefree attitude.   It is just a state of mind which requires different essentials to complete this style.
The fundamentals of bohemian look includes flowery prints, beaded sandals, abstract tie and dye elements, jackets, vests combining with an oversized hat or headpiece along with a grimed cross body bag with torn jeans with a huge belt.
Style play with dressing
A perfect boho look gets inspiration from earthy tones. The perfect palette for a earthy touch are magenta, green and orange. Long skirts, cropped jackets, cowboy boots, embroided tunics, hobo bags and shorts are must for a boho style. The idea is to combine two or more boho pieces with your modern dressing to keeps your looks minimal as well as vibrating.
You will observe nude leather jackets, vest and oversized glasses are the most appreciated glances of the season. Though oversized straw hats, bell bottom jeans and trousers are surely out of trend.
Attention to accessories
When we talk about accessories a lot of chunky silver jewellery and patch work is in fashion. You need to pay attention to berets and head scarves, long neckpieces, moccasins, leggings, cowboy boots, platform shoes, ballerina flats and sequined vests and make them look simple. For the footwear pumps with patch or kolhapuri both will do. 
 An idea combination of boho chic derives from head wraps, turbans, oversized patterned scarves, bracelets, and vintage style sunglasses. For bags jute in bright colour or natural fibres linen works well. Don’t combine your accessories to look overboard, it is elementary to retain the essence as it is not easy to carry out bohemian look with an ease. You have to be confident that whatever you are wearing is looking good and making sense for you.
Try to experiment different colours with different styles. Wear a lot of rings and bracelets of different styles. Pick the rarest and uncommon pieces from the street markets and make your mark in bohemian land.   
Top 5 Bohomian trends 
1.     Cross body chains are most dynamic to be paired with a flowery dress.

2.     For a casual look baseball caps are a staple and can be wear in various styles.

3.     Midi rings are holding the wave of the season with a palm cuffs as a cool and practical style to wear.

4.     The comfy talks with bucket bags and cross body bags are still here.

5.     Hair chains add an edgy look. You can wear them in many ways matching your personality.

Which style you are going to carry this weekend...?

Image Credit: Pinterest, Indulgy, Lulus and tumblr.com

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