Three Cool-Girl Eye Looks You Can Get with one product - vlcc enchanting eyes


There are certain things that only few people can do or pull off. This holds very true for make up, especially eye make up. We feel not everyone can carry a dark make up or a bold make up, people who do not prefer heavy make usually feel they cannot pull it off or that light would suit them more. This is not to say that you should apply heavy makeup even if the occasion doesn’t demand it, but no harm in experimenting with it once in a while. 

Also we do not mean that you should not apply make- up in accordance to your skin tone. This is only to motivate you to shed your inhibitions and start experimenting. Here are three cool girl looks, for those who are not afraid to try something new. You can achieve these looks with with a single product- VLCC enchanting eyes.

1. Winged eye liner – Many girls feel that is for people with sharp features. This is not even a bit true. Any one can pull it off no matter what kind of features they have. Sonam Kapoor popularized the look when she carried it in Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Pairing it with a huge nose ring and a maroon lipstick. She totally set the the mark really high. And gave make up goal to all of us.

2. Bold eye liner – This is not the usual bold, but something very different and unique. In fact a never seen before kind of look. But after seeing our leading lades do it in the industry, we sure should give it a try as well. Use VLCC enchanting eyes to get the look as perfect as Kareena. This look can be easily achieved with a pencil Kajal like VLCC enchanting eyes.

3. Smoky Eyes – This is again something not many of us have tried. Once you get your hands on VLCC enchanting eyes, do not forget to try this out. It is easily attainable. All you need to do is apply kajal and smudge it! (In style)


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