Serums are more of a modern advent


Moving ahead from hair serums of all types, for long shining and smooth hair, we now have skin whitening serums from various skin care and cosmetic companies, for all types of skin. Companies who care for us so much that they would do anything to remove even the signs of slightest of glitch in the societal notions of ‘beauty and fairness’. Living in a world that looks up to fairness and looks down upon dark skin, the demand for such fairness products, especially for women is on an all-time rise.

After the success of fairness creams, we now have fairness serums in the market. One such serum is the VLCC skin whitening serum, thank fully this is not a usual skin whitening product, it does not fair your skin tone, but removes dark spots, lightens pigmentation and acne marks. This does not guarantee brightening your skin tone or making you fair, it only aims to reduce dark spots and gray areas on the face with regular use.

With the rising trend of bodily perfection and outer beauty, these cosmetics are increasingly becoming an important part of our life. We are slowly and steadily missing out on our inner beauty, individuality and naturalness. Everything today is about cosmetics and bodily perfection, because of which I believe our notion of perfection and beauty need a quick review.

We are not only encouraging women to buy these products but are also asking them to question how beautiful they are? Are they really beautiful? Who is setting standards for this beauty? It is not just women who are falling for it but also young girls, who from an early age start believing that she has to have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect body and all things perfect. And now this is not limited to just women but has now forayed into men’s zone too. There is emphasis on facial beauty of males too, which is in a way good, at least women are not the only victims of this cosmetic and beauty industry.

It is difficult to point out fingers at one person and blame them to be behind all this, this is not the handy-work of just one person, and this has not been done in a day. This is a whole industry. And one person is not running it. Where we are today is due to cumulation of various industries together making the same point, and making similar moves. Media industry has time and again reinforced notions of outer beauty and objectified women. It is time for us to start questioning all that we believe in. It is time for us to sit back and reflect on what are we doing? What are we teaching? And what are we preaching?

I don’t intend to discourage the use of beauty products, I intend to question the logic behind their use. To question the will behind their use and to encourage informed choices of well informed and well-read viewers.

Image Courtsey: OroGold

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