When it comes to my eyes I do not leave scope for any compromise. Until a month ago, I was not a Kajal person, but as one of my friends loaded my mind with heaps of praise for the VLCC Green Kohl, I thought, Let’s give it a try! My experience with the product was wonderful as its vibrant Green colour brought a spark on my face. It was an easy go and now this Green Kohl has become an inevitable part of my daily care. Many people around me have complimented me for the changed look it has brought to me. My eyes look bold and I carry it for 8 hours during the day.

Why VLCC Green Kohl?

Our Eyes speak larger than words. They are expressive and add vitality to the face. So pamper your eyes with this amazing Green Kohl. It will definitely bring an added nip of beauty to your face. A Kajal is considered as beneficial for the eye. Our ancestors have highlighted some of its immediate health benefits; it regulates moisture levels, keeps impurities at bay, and beautifies the eye and face and Prevents tears to accumulate in the eye.

Here are some of its benefits: 
1. An easy Pop Up : You can compensate on the missing glitter with a thick coat of VLCC Green Kohl as it goes well even if you are carrying a simple dress or a plain gown. It is available in three variant shades Green, Black and Green. So pick one as your style statement tells you.

2. Smudge Free : This product does not smudge even if you keep it on for more than 6 hours a day. You even have the liberty of splashing water over your eyes, as it is water resistant.

3. Our eyes are full of life and expression, as they respond to our emotions. So we should not lose the opportunity to pamper them. A kohl is useful when it comes to beautifying the eyes, as it acts as an appealing highlighter. It gives a sense of completion to the face and lifts our overall appearance.

4. It keeps your eye hydrated and ensures that is moisture balance. Most of us who complain of eyes becoming dry, can pick this up and enjoy its benefits.

5.  VLCC Green Kohl has a smooth texture, as it glides on the eye easily. You can use it as an Eye liner or simply as an eye shadow base for a Smokey look. It has a glossy base which brings a shine on the eye. You feel bold, confident and look attractive.

6. You will be glad to know that it is Sweat Proof, so you need not carry it along for a second touch up.

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