Oil slick lips that gives more inky look to your lips


Lips always grabs the attention of the people. We have so many different ways to make them more beautiful by applying different shades of lipsticks and lip glosses. But glossy and greasy lips always come in the eyes of people and glossy lips are the girl’s favorite style. So to make them funkier there is a new style in the town - Oil slick lips, also known as mermaid or petrol lips where women use the dark colour shades as the base and can apply other colours like purple, blue, green, grey in the centre to give the lips inky look. Keep the base a dark colour, the lips can be layered with different shades in the across. It can give a very inky, grassy, wild effect on the lips. This a very rare style of making your lips more glamorous.                                                                                                                                                       
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Earlier only professional make-up artists’ use to apply this technique on models particularly in fashion shows. Oil slick lips can be done on both glossy and matte look. People have this mis-conception in their mind that this style is only applicable for models and actors but now this is in so much trend that people are using this style on various occasions and parties. Oil slick lips needs no oil, it’s just a mixing of metallic lip glosses and lipsticks. To opt this style one should not need to be a perfect make-up artist, anyone can try this style easily. The style looks amazing if you have fair complexion.                                                                                                  
                                                                                                 Image Source

This style is getting so popular that Instagram is flooded with images posting their pictures with different lip shades. The look may seem like that you have oil pestered all your lips but the results are amazing not with the glossy look but with the matte look as well. We don’t have to spend lot of money to get this style, just few bright colour lipsticks, mix all those shades together to get that inky look. To get a glossy look add some oil on it that gives a shiny effect to the lips.

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