Maybelline blockbuster Maybelline lip gradation


I am a Maybelline lover and whenever I find any product launched by Maybelline I go crazy to buy that. So, this time too history repeated itself, the moment I came to know about the lip gradation the same moment I went to the market and bought the lovely Coral 1shade of Maybelline lip gradation. Maybelline has launched 8 different shades out of which I bought the Maybelline Lip Gradation Coral 1 which is a true coral pink and just perfect for summers. I can wear this colour anywhere in my college or with my friends and also it’s an everyday use colour. The more interesting thing I liked about the product is that it works from both the sides. On one side it has the lip colour itself while on the other side, it has the cushion blender tool that helps in smudging of the product. Isn’t cool!!!. Usually I apply 2 or 3 Coats but with Maybelline gradation’s one coat is enough for the lips to look bright. It doesn’t feel heavy on lips and is not very dry. The little wooo is that it has no fragrance.
 It comes in 8 different shades:

1. Pink 2: It’s a bright raspberry pink, which matches to all skin tones.

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2. Pink 1: It’s a beautiful mild tone pink shade.

3. Coral 1: A beautiful coral pink that goes in summers.

4. Fuschia 1 : It’s a blue based pink which is perfect pink.

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5. Mauve 1: It’s a brown nude colour that can go with any skin tone.

6. Orange 1: A reddish orange shade which looks good on fair skin.

7. Red 2: A beautiful tomato red which looks attractive.

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8. Red 1: A muddy red shade which has smoothing impact on the lips

Maybelline lip gradation is easy to use and easy to carry. The packaging is also fantastic as it’s a dual-ended pen with the lip colour at one end and the cushion blender tool at the other end. The tool is soft and helps in smudging the colour all over the lips. The product is affordable and one can buy it from the market and from the online stores as well.

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