There are no second thoughts with regards to the fact that curly hair like ringlets around your face look absolutely stunning. They add a bling to your appearance, but at the same time, also need some extra nourishment and care. In addition, all things attractive have both pros and cons, similarly, curly hair also have a shady side to them. 

One recurrent discomfort that your curls bring to you is the condition of ingrown hair. You must have witnessed that a strand of hair sometimes begins to grow within the skin, instead of rising up from it. This condition becomes extremely painful as it leads to formation of strange bumps over the skin. Though they look like pimples, but there affects are much more severe. The affected area becomes sore and red causing irritation, itching and pain.

Accumulation of dead skin over the skin is one obvious cause of ingrown hair because sometimes it clogs up a hair follicle.

Here are some simple tips to get rid of them :

1. Exfoliate Regularly: The residue of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, impurities and pollutants are elements that clog skin pores. As a result, the hair strand begins to grow sideways or under the skin. To avoid this condition, it is recommended that after shaving or waxing or any other hair removal treatment one should always use a srub to unclog the pores. It will not only make your skin clean, clear and soft, but will also shed of the dead skin cells.

Pat warm water over your skin and allow it to soften. Use a clean towel to gently scrub your skin in circular motion. Wash your face with an anti-bacterial soap and apply moisturizer.

2. Do not use ordinary razors to remove hair, instead try on electronic razors as they are effective and cause less pain while pulling out hair strands.

Sugar therapy is an easy way to remove hair, as it brings no harm to the skin. Mix sugar, lemon and water, scrub this mixture gently over the skin for at least 5 minutes. This therapy removes hair from its root and prevents the condition of ingrown hair.

3. Avoid wearing tight clothes as they cause friction with the skin. Air circulation is essential for the skin to ensure an outward hair growth. Clothes of synthetic, nylon and polyester seldom allow the skin to breathe and accumulate impurities over the skin.

4. In some cases sex hormones are overtly active, they cause an abnormal hair growth which culminates into major problems like ingrown hair. People with such conditions are more vulnerable as they experience ingrown hair on there cheeks, chin, neck, head and armpits.

5. Some Home remedies are extremely useful.

Mix gramflour, curd, lemon juice and turmeric. Apply this as a skin mask over the affected area. Once it is dry, pat a little amount of water over it and rub it over the skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Gram flour is useful in treating in grown hair as it eliminates dead skin. Turmeric has antiseptic properties, it kills bacteria and acts as a natural cleanser.

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