Elegant bridal mehndi designs


Mehndi automatically associates with any occasion. The occasion could be marriage, festivals, parties and other family functions. In India Mehndi is made on the hands of brides and grooms on the day of their marriage. These designs look pretty on the hands if applied with different style and some of the simple but beautiful mehndi designs are:

1.Floral pattern: This is a full hand mehndi with flowers and leaves pattern.

2.Arabian Motifs  Rajasthani pattern: It is a mix pattern of both arabian and rajasthani style.

3.Combination of marwari chess- board henna pattern: its a combination of arabian and marwari motifs.

4.Elephant Motif: It is unique and different style of Indian mehndi and cury tha the elephants go unnoticed.

5.The Peacock Passion: The peacock design looks elegant and is very common in India for bridal mehndi designs.

6.The Swirl: This design is done by leaving a blank space between fingers and the palm.

7.The crafted Cuffs: The main focus is on the thick cuffs of the wrists.

8.Blank Fingertips: Arabic mehndi designers often leave the fingertips blank to simplify the designs.

9. Raja and Rani: This pattern is very common Indian bridal design that shows king ang queen of the mughal era in the design.

10: The Split Mandala: the design is made with half of the circular pattern on one hand and other half on second hand.


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