Cool Tips to Jazz Up your style quotient on your wedding night


Wedding night is a night everyone has dreamed of. And all of us wish to look our best on our wedding night, and make our partner fall in love with us all over again. It is the moment that makes us nervous and excited at the same time, but you don’t have to be nervous, it is not a challenge, it is journey and you have someone to be a part of that journey along with you. So relax and just read these tips to jazz up your style quotient on your wedding night, for all of you who are all set to tie the knot!

1. Be in shape- We make a lot of effort to look our best on our wedding night, but after the ceremonies end, all that’s left is who you are and who are you going to be with. The wedding night is the night to shed all your inhibitions and embrace yourself and the other person. Being in good shape will make you more confident about yourself and might also encourage your partner to take some fitness lessons.

2. Get rid of the heavy robe- Before anything happens, what we all have in mind is to get out of the heavy jewelery and the heavier lehenga. Ask your dearest hubby to help you with it. This will not only turn on the heat but will also act as a perfect start.

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3. Night gowns- This is one thing that you really need to think about. On your wedding night, your night dress does not always have to be exposing, it sure has to be sexy, but it should be something that suits you and that you know you can pull off. Don’t go for something you are not comfortable with.

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4. Perfumes - This again is something that can build the mood, make sure you smell flawless on your wedding night. You can also opt for some soothing room fresheners, which will not only help you relax but also feel romantic.

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5. Be cool- The most important tip of all is to be cool and confident, don’t be nervous. You are not giving an exam. Its supposed to be fun and memorable, you don’t have to be intimidated by it. And always remember, if you are not ready for it, always ask for some more time. Speaking your heart out will always help you. And this is just the right time to start being vocal about all your thoughts and feelings.

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