5 Runway Inspired Hairstyles For Every Occasion


When we see models walking on the ramp with all that flair and panache, we too sometimes wish to get those perfect hair and bodies. Although nothing comes easy, and you will have to work real hard to get that perfect body and hair, here is a little help you can use to get those perfect hair styles. Here is a list of 5 runway hairstyles which you can try at any location and make all heads turn your way. All of these hairstyles are taken from different shows of different designers.

1. Sleek and sexy - This is nothing like any of he usual sleek and sexy. This is a kind of wet look, which adds glamour to whatever you are wearing. This will go best with a sexy party dress, however you can choose to wear it with whatever you like.

                                                                                                    Image Source
2. Scarf halo braids - Braiding is common, but braiding with scarf is uncommon. This does not have to be at a place where you usually braid your hair, you might opt for a crown braid if you like. Use a scarf as the third portion of your hair, and braid as usual. This is a sexy boho look.

                                                                                                            Image Source
3. Side swept hair - You might have done it, but you surely wouldn’t have done it in the way we are about to describe. This does not only involve bundling all your hair at one side, but chopping off some hair at the other side and then bundling the rest over the other. This is one gutsy look, few can pull of.

                                                                                              Image Source
4. Coiled buns - Buns are what we have tried a lot of times, but coiled buns is what we now have to try. This involves tying your hair downwards in stead of the usual upwards, like we often do while making a bun. This is comparatively tougher, and will look best on very sleek and straight hair

                                                                 Image Source
5. Knotted pony tails - Pony tails are the most convenient form of hair style, so if we get to style our pony tails a little it would be wonderful! Once you make a ponytail, take a small section of the hair from the pony tail and roll it around tour rubber band, in order to hide it. This will make it look like you have tied your hair using nothing but your hair itself!

                                                 Image Source

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