5 Dresses This Season To Replace Denim


Denims are always our first choice of clothes, they are handy they are common and we don’t need to think much before wearing them. But you should know that denims are not the ideal fabrics for summer. If you wear a denim jeans, it leaves no scope for any cross ventilation making you feel very hot and sweat profusely. You should always opt for cool clothes for summers. Here are a few suggestion, to make you go denim free this summer:

1. Jumpsuits - You would probably be having this already in your wardrobe, but these do not have to be those boring outdated jumpsuits. There are a lot of different styles of jumpsuits available to choose from.

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2. Off shoulder dresses - This is the cutest thing you can have in your wardrobe. It will certainly take away a few years from your look. There are lots of colors and designs available in this. And this is a must have if you frequently go out chilling with friends or after work parties.

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3. Long dresses - This can either be off shoulder or not but if you are not comfortable wearing a short lengthed dress, this is the right thing for you. Make sure you own a few of them before it gets too late.

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4. Skirts and crop tops - This is a two piece dress, another must have if you are really looking forward to put your denims aside. This is not only in fashion but is also way more comfortable and cooler than denims. Do give it a try if you haven’t worn it ever.

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5. Frocks - This is your alternative if you do not wish to wear an off shoulder dress. You can go for something more covering, like a cut sleeve or a half sleeve dress. Because this summer its all about dresses.

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