5 demands that a girl has from her future husband


A girl has lot of expectations from her married life, and she does dream of a perfect man in her life. Who can make her feel wonderful about herself and always be expressive of his love for her. After getting married, a girl has all her hopes pinned on her husband. She is expected to leave behind her family to be with him and his family for the rest of her life. And out of all the people she trusts him the most and will always go to him for all the help she needs. Here are five qualities every girl wishes her husband should have. 

1. Understanding - Leaving a family behind is not easy, but almost all girls do it or are expected to do it at some point in life. And at this point she would expect her husband to understand the pain she is going through and expects him to comfort her by always being with her and being kind to her.

2. Accepting - It is expected that a women should entirely change herself after marriage and suit the needs of her husband and her in- laws, but that is really too much to ask for. Every girl wishes for a husband who can accept her the way she is and not try to make her into something she isn’t.

3. Sensitive - Women are usually more soft hearted than men, and if not an emotional guy, they surely want a guy who is sensitive towards her and even otherwise. And always sympathizes with her if not empathize.

4. Romantic - As much as she wants him to be decent, she also wants her husband to be romantic and naughty at times. Women are usually shy when it comes to intimacy, and they expect men to take the lead. It might not always be this way, but every woman dreams of a guy who could sing to her or take her out for a romantic evening

5. Honest – The most important of all qualities, every woman wants her husband to be loyal and honest to her and always tell her the truth. No relationship can survive on the basis of lies. So being honest should always be a priority for both.

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