Bridal Jewelry Trends on Mehndi Day


I personally believe that jewelry is something that is a very essential part of the attire and completes the look if chosen wisely. As my best friends marriage is near, the shopping spree is full on and so is the discussion about dresses, make-up and matching jewelry. During one of such shopping trip I came across different types of jewelry which a “bride to be” can wear on its mehndi occasion which would not only complement her look but would also help her look fresh and stunning. Apart from ‘D-day’ now a day’s mehndi and sangeet functions are equally important and so is the bridal look as they are being celebrated with full masti and dhamaka.

So, here are some jewelry styles which the bride to be can try on their Mehndi day imparting them a different and gorgeous look.

1.   Glittery Gota Jewelry

These days gota jewelry are in the trend and are available in many colors and designs. These could be easily customized depending on dress color and are comparatively cheap. They look stunning as they are all shimmery adding to the glow on brides face.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                  Image Source

                                                                                          Image Source
2.  Elegant Dough Jewelry

These are the new attraction in the jewelry world which look really pretty and classy.  As pastel colors are popular and very much in this season these flowery designs in light shady colors suites with these dresses.

                                                      Image Source 

3.  Mesmerizing flower jewelry

All-time favorites, personally I just love them because of their beatu and freshness. They are said to be the girl’s first love and the great thing is that they can be blended with all types of Indian bridal attires and would always look fabulous because of their charismatic look. The choices are in abundance and always look pretty and traditional.

Charming Yellow


Lovable Pink
                                               Image Source
Classy Orchids


Serene White

                                            Image Source
Mariyam Red

                                                                  Image Source

So gear up for your bid day with some trendy jewelry!!!!!

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