Tease the Sun with VLCC Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25|PA+++


Now, get the freedom of stepping out in sun with the new VLCC Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25|PA+++ that suits all skin types with its superb formulation. Using this cream is very easy and all you need is to apply liberal amount evenly on neck and face at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and for best results use it again and again whenever you step out in sun.

Olive oil is already in limelight these days for cooking purpose around the world and the same goodness of olive oil has been incorporated in formulating VLCC Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25|PA+++. You get to enjoy the rich anti oxidant properties of olive oil and its superb moisturization in the form of this cream that not only hydrates your skin but makes it radiant. This is not all; this cream also comprises of powerful Vitamin A and E that helps in repairing and rejuvenating dead skin cells and tissues, thereby making it free from radical damage and side by side promoting cellular regeneration.

The main idea behind formulating this cream is to provide the user utmost skin care with its natural extracts. On top of it, Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25|PA+++ from the house of VLCC is a paraben free cream that ensures no side effects on any type of skin. I myself once used a sunscreen cream and sweared not to use one again in my life for the pimples it cropped on my face but when a friend strongly recommended this one, and I used it myself; I could see the change and here I am promoting this product myself. So, take my guarantee to use this completely safe product that promises to keep your skin nourished even in long hours of sun exposure.

Another highlight of Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25|PA+++ is that it is a non perfumed cream and is completely safe even on sensitive skin that is more liable to skin allergies by using perfumed cosmetics. Although, the perfumes in such creams are pleasant to smell, they may yield some side effects especially on sensitive skins. Keeping this fact in mind, the makers at the house of VLCC formulated this cream without any perfume to minimize such an occurrence of allergies on sensitive skins. Available in a tube form, this cream also comes with a less chance of bacteria infection when used and even if left uncapped, it may not get contaminated for hours when not in use.
Just spend Rs. 250 to bring home a 100gm pack of Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25|PA+++ to say goodbye to all your umbrellas and long sleeve clothes. Those who have already used this unisex cream have got flattered with its effective protection against harmful UV Rays and have granted it a review rating of 4 out of 5. You too must try it out; so go grab it from a nearby cosmetic store or order online.

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