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I love me some fake eyelashes!! I will never be caught on a night out without them. A false eyelash completes the absence of thicker, fuller, and luscious eyes on a women’s face. They somehow complete the look that is impossible to achieve with our natural eye lashes, as everyone is not fortunate to have thicker eye lashes. 
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Nowadays, you will find these lashes everywhere from model photo shoot, to night parties. They make people in resistant to avoid staring and thinking is it really??? I was never able to choose false eyelashes as chic so I decided to try the most to decide one. So here I am with the nest of false eyelashes-         

Glitter Eyelashes
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If you are fond of shimmery mascara then Glitter eyelashes are apt for you. Glitter Eyelashes give glamorous looking to the eye. They present them in a way to reflect light and will be ideal for parties and night outs. So make your eyes twinkle with the Glitter False Eyelashes Set!

Paper Lashes
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Assumed as the most delicate one the eyelashes are perfect to go for a flirty, summery look. These patterned false eyelashes made of paper. Intricately cut and delicately pretty paper eyelashes are a dazzling way to add a unique twist to your eyes. These cute, clean and creative paper lashes have been even worn by Rihanna and Anne Hathaway.

Coloured Eyelashes
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Most people get confuse over the coloured eye lashes as they think there would be som sought of gel or paint to be applied on an eyelashes to colour them. These eye lashes are most vibrant and spunky to wear. These Lashes are available in a rainbow of colours. Coloured eyelahses come in a range of styles to suit every occasion.

Rhinestone Lashes
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I am sought of a person who will not go for rhinestone eyelashes but when I first wear it it look simply awesome as it gave me right amount of sparkle with dark and long false eyelashes with rhinestone accents. If you want to make your rhinestone look their best, wear a base lash under them. This acts like a shelf for your extended lashes.

Feather Eyelashes
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The most apt for me- the townbird!!! Lol,

Surging back to the topic, these amazing multicoloured, multi-design feather eyelashes are made up of soft and fringed feather shaped sections for a glamorous and unique look. They basically come with the thicker feathers all around or a single feather attached on both the outer corners of the lashes. Add a touch of exotic elegance to your outfit with these false eyelashes. 

Must watch the length
When you go out to get one in the market make sure you choose eyelashes with short and medium fake lashes. However, the length of the eye lashes can be adjusted or trimmed in to the sizes you desire.

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